Joe Thorpe 
Joe came to me in January 2019 with the goal of getting lean for a holiday in August.

The second photo was taken in June. Job well done Joe!

Lewis Thompson 

Lewis wanted a lifestyle change and after a couple of dieting periods and a few relaxation breaks in between, this was the end result for his arrival in Dubai.

Lewis will admit himself, he is blessed with great genetics but he is one of the hardest working lads in the gym and his diet was always on point.

Thomas Beck

My own personal transformation.

This has been a very long process with bulking and contest prep being a consistent part of my life for the last 5 years. 
The starting weight of this transformation was 11 stone, the end weight was 12 stone 6.
The main focus for myself was constant improvement. After competing for several years, I have taken time out to focus on other parts of my life but may get the posing trunks on in the future!

Josh halls 

Josh's transformation was the shortest one with only 6 weeks between photographs. He came to me wanting to sharpen up for the summer. Safe to say, this was achieved. 

Please speak to a member of staff for information regarding the transformation package 

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